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Earth 2.0 Jump Rope (training skipping rope)

CHF 74.90
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Versatile training with the Velites Earth 2.0 Jump Rope

Just a skipping rope? Not at all! The Velites Earth 2.0 is your complete fitness system.
Thanks to extensive accessories (available separately), it can be optimally and individually adapted to your training goals.

What you can expect from the Earth 2.0 Jump Rope

Do you remember your childhood when exercise still felt like a game? Velites brings that feeling back to you with the Earth 2.0.
It's a completely redesigned and redesigned version of the jump rope you know and love.

Albert Einstein once said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
This also applies to progression in training.
If you want to become stronger and more defined, then variety is the key - and variety is easy with the Earth 2.0!

Maximize your strength and muscle building

The Earth 2.0 Jump Rope can be equipped with up to three different cable types (sold separately).
With the unique quick-change system, you can go from super-fast high-speed double-unders to extreme muscle building in no time.

  • The 2.5 mm speed cable allows maximum speed and mobility.
  • The 4 mm standard cable is the “all-purpose weapon” among cables. It is also ideal for beginners: the medium-heavy weight ensures good feedback and yet enough speed to get into the "momentum" of jumping.
  • The 8mm Monster Cable will make your shoulders burn! The heavy cable is perfect for building muscle and pushing you to your limits.

In a matter of seconds you can also increase the total weight of your skipping rope with the separately available weights, up to 5 times the weight!

  • The standard additional weights can easily be screwed into the handle and increase the weight in increments of 50, 100, 150 grams per handle.
  • The Heavy additional weights of 200g are additionally fitted around the standard handle, for an additional weight of up to 350g per handle (when combined with the  Standard additional weights ), and in addition to the weight they also bring the challenge of a thicker handle.

Standstill and stagnation in training are a thing of the past with the Velites Earth 2.0 Jump Rope.

Find the best skipping rope for you

The Earth 2.0 is ideal for you if you are looking for a jump rope for strength building, general training and freestyle.
If you want to do speed training, double-unders and competitive jumping, the Fire 2.0 is perfect for you.
Which Velites jump rope is best for you and how to use it You can adapt it to your training and your goals in this overview:

Velites Fire 2.0 Earth 2.0 Jump Rope Passe dein Training deinen Zielen an

Smooth rotation and incredible speed thanks to a high-tech ball bearing system

Ferraris are fast, right? That's why the Earth 2.0 Jump Rope has a double ball bearing system built in from the automotive sector.
This ensures the fastest and smoothest possible rotations.

Months of development and countless tests went into the construction of the high-tech ball bearing system, which is comparable to no other skipping rope on the market.
And it was worth it! If you turn the rope once, it takes more than 2 minutes until it comes to a complete standstill again - that's how fast and smooth the premium ball bearings of the Velites Earth 2.0.


A rocket quality jump rope

Velites uses rocketry grade aluminum and stainless steel to create the handles, weights, connectors and cable interior.

Adjusting the skipping rope and replacing the weights and cables

Velites Earth 2.0 Jump Rope Einstellung des Springseils und Austausch der Gewichte und Kabel

Velites Training App

Learn double-unders with the help of rope jump world champion Adrienn Banhegyi, who developed the training courses for the Velites training app.
Morning, lunchtime, evening... no problem: Get your private coach on your smartphone and your next training session is just a few clicks away.
The app creates a program tailored to you and your goals, regardless of how long you have been there.
In the app you will learn to understand individual movement sequences and how you can perform each exercise with perfect technique.
With a selection of over 1000 workouts, you are guaranteed to never get bored!
Download the Velites Training App now, available in Google Play Store and in Apple Store.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Nach bald einem Jahr starke Abnutzungserscheinungen

Wurden knapp 1 Jahr genutzt. Der Lack hat angefangen abzubrechen und die offenen Stellen zu rosten. Wurden hauptsächlich im Thaibox Training genutzt.

Tolle Haptik

Ein cooles Teil, wo man einfach die Seile wechseln kann. Klar es ist teuer, dafür hält es ein Leben lang.

Unbelievable scam

The description is misleading, despite the « * ». You are paying 70 bucks for a simple jumping rope. The different weights and cords are sold separately. The price for this simple jump rope is a disgrace and a rip off. The case that comes with it is so basic and definitely do not justify the excessive price for, again, a very basic jump rope. I do not recommend.

Funktioniert aber Design mangelhaft

Die Befestigung für das Seil zerkratzen die Griffe am unteren Ende wenn sie mal aufeinander schlagen, etwas schade für den Preis. Funktioniert snst aber sehr gut.

Best Jump Rope ever🤩

Ich bin zufällig auf dieses Springseil gestossen. Anfangs war es eine kurze Gewöhnugssache, bis ich mit diesem Seil zurecht gekommen bin, da es sehr leichtgängig ist. Aber das ging nur eine halbe Stunde. Bin mega begeistert und das Beste ist, du kannst es mir anderen Seilen und Gewichten variieren, welche ich mir sofort nachbestellt habe. Macht mega Spass damit zu trainieren und ich will es nicht mehr missen. Ganz klar eine Weiterempfehlung, der Abwechslung in sein Training bekommen möchte.🤩🤩🤩

top produkt

einfach seile auswechseln, liegt gut in der Hand und mit drn Gewichten top ergänzt