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Comp4 Speed Rope (competition skipping rope)

CHF 89.90
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  • Double ball bearing system for even spin
  • Ultra-lightweight handles made from 100% precision-machined aluminum with a 5-year guarantee
  • Patented two-axis system
  • Lightweight steel cable for maximum efficiency
  • Aggressive competition embossing for a secure grip, even with sweaty hands
  • Microfiber bag for safe storage and convenient transport
  • Latest version of RPM Training (version 4.0)
  • Color: Black (True Black)
  • Matching accessories (available separately)

The fastest speed rope for competitive athletes

Thanks to the world-famous double ball bearing and the ultra-light construction, the Speed ​​Ropes from RPM Training are among the fastest skipping ropes in the world.
The Comp4 competition jump rope allows you to do the fastest double-unders with the least amount of energy, saving you valuable time and energy with every repetition.

Patented two-axis system

The dual ball bearing system of the RPM Training Jump Ropes transfers force to the cable with optimal efficiency, eliminating unwanted torque buildup.

Aggressive competition embossing for a rock-solid grip

The strong embossing of the Comp4 skipping rope ensures optimal grip, even when your hands are sweaty.

Lightweight steel cable for maximum efficiency

The black Comp4 Speed ​​Rope comes with a very light, bare cable without any coating.
This raw cable is the fastest, lightest cable you can get and is available in two different colors.
However, it should only be used on rubber floors because it roughens quickly on concrete and breaks.

Coated cables for rougher surfaces

For rougher floors, we offer coated cables in many colors, which are a little heavier but more durable.
The coating provides additional protection. However, on very rough floors, such as concrete, all types of cables have a shortened service life.

The coated cables are particularly helpful for beginners as it makes it easier to see and hear where the cable is in the air.
The bright colors of the coated cables are particularly helpful.

Assembled and tested in the USA 

Each RPM Training high-performance jump rope is carefully assembled and quality tested at its headquarters in Northern California, USA.

Application tips

Set cable length correctly

Tool required

  • Allen key (supplied)
  • Side cutters or pliers to shorten the cable


1. Stand with one foot on the cable and measure up to your upper chest.
rpm-training-speedrope-kabellänge-anpassen-schritt22. Cut off excess cable with pliers.
Tip: Leave a few centimeters at the beginning until you find the optimal length.
3. Loosen the screw with a key and bring the handle into position.
rpm-training-speedrope-kabellänge-anpassen-schritt44. Pull tight.Done!

Alternatively, you can also watch this video guide (in English).

Replace cable

If your cable is worn out or you want to change it to a different color, you can easily replace it.

To do this, simply shorten your new cable to your existing cable length, and then follow step 3 and step 4 from the instructions above.

Alternatively, you can also watch this video guide (in English).

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Sehr zufrieden

Speed geil

Sensationelles teil.. macht spass

Übertrieben gut

Never change a winning Team. Hatte für 2 Jahre das RPM Speed Rope (Trainingsspringseil), war total zufrieden.
Wechselte dann zum besten Seil eines sehr teuren Amerikanischen Hersteller.
War gar nicht zufrieden und habe mir nun das Wettkampfseil gekauft. Wieder total happy mit meinen DU und Crossover. WOD 24.2 war ein so viel angenehmer ;)

Top Springseil

Leichter Griff, guter Halt, dreht sich super leicht.

Top Springseil

Das Springseil ist sehr drehfreudig

Bestes Springseil für DUs

Für DoubleUnders einfach perfekt.