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RipFix Hand Repair Balm - Large (158g)

CHF 39.90
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  • Accelerates the healing of skin tears during functional fitness training, gymnastics and weightlifting
  • Gets you back to training faster after skin tears on the hands
  • Skin care product for small wounds of all kinds (mucous membranes excluded)
  • Antibacterial effect ofBeeswax, essential oils and honey
  • Also suitable for hand care to make skin and calluses supple and flexible
  • Made in the USA
  • Content per can: 158 g
  • Matching (sold separately)

RipFix® accelerates the healing of skin tears and gets you back into training faster

RipFix® is a skin care product based on beeswax, honey and essential oils to lock in moisture and protect your skin.

Due to its natural antibacterial properties, beeswax helps cell healing.
Even the ancient Egyptians knew the power of bees, and are known for their use of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of honey.

How to use RipFix

Step 1:
For a fresh skin tear, it is best to first remove all loose skin and disinfect the wound.

Step 2:
Apply a generous amount of RipFix® to the injured area for immediate relief.

Step 3:
Leave it on the wound for several hours - preferably overnight.
If necessary, cover the wound with cotton gauze and a light bandage.

Tip: If you don't have a bandage at home, you can cut up a clean sock and use it as a bandage.

RipFix Hand Repair Balm wound healing

Care for all kinds of skin damage

RipFix® is designed for wounds from functional fitness training. However, you can use it for all minor skin damage on the body (mucous membranes excluded), as well as for dry skin and lips.

To prevent skin tears you can useApply RipFix® to the palm of your hand.
The softer, more flexible callus is less likely to tear during exercise.

Tip: To reduce the risk of skin tears, your calluses on the hands should not be higher than the rest of the skin surface.
To remove calluses, you can use for example ourcallus planing set with file as you can find in our hand care products you will find.

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Bis jetzt zufrieden. Lässt sich gut dosieren und hält die Hornhaut weich.


Sehr gutes Produkt


grundsätzlich nicht schlecht bei spröden Stellen, aber eher für über Nacht, da zu fettig