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PSO-SPINE (Spine Trigger Tool)

CHF 89.90
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  • Relieves back pain: Pso-Spine® massages targeted trigger points and promotes blood circulation for pain relief
  • Improves posture: Regular use promotes better posture and reduces tension in the back muscles on the right and left of the spine
  • Effective self-massage: Easy to use for effective self-massage, anytime, anywhere
  • High quality material: Durable and hygienic with durable plastic for years of use
  • Supports Rehabilitation: Aids recovery and rehabilitation after injury or surgery
  • Dimensions: 29.21 x 12.38 x 6.35 cm

Tension in the back?

Your spine is under a lot of strain. It keeps your head, shoulders and upper body upright. It gives you support to stand upright and gives you the flexibility to bend and twist. When the muscles around your spine are tight, they can pinch your nerves and cause problems in different parts of your body.

PSO-SPINE loosens the muscles of the back

The Pso-Spine® is perfect for massaging and triggering the muscles to the right and left of the spine. It is a self-massage tool that can help keep your spinal muscles healthy and your nerves functioning properly to prevent problems caused by aging, injuries and everyday movements.

Trigger spinal muscles

The 5-tip design of the Pso-Spine® gives you different ways to apply pressure to your spinal muscles. The stable structure gives you the freedom to massage any part of your spine that suffers from muscle tension, soreness and pain. By the way, there is specifically the Pso-Rite®.

for the hip flexors (psoas muscle).

Relieve tension in the back - everywhere

You can use the Pso-Spine® at home, in the gym, in the office or at the airport, when you have a long day or trip ahead of you, or any time you have back problems have. Thanks to the smooth, rounded edges, you can use the Pso-Spine® on all chairs. However, if you are looking for an even more compact massager, also take a look at the Pso-Mini® .

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