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Ingot Weighted Vest (ergonomic weight waistcoat)

CHF 109.90
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  • Ergonomic weight vest with incomparable comfort and variable weight adjustment for cross fitness training
  • Vest weighs 1 kg and has 22 compartments for inserting weights
  • Sold separately Weight sets 3.5kg, 5kg or 8kg to achieve a total weight of 4.5kg, 6kg and 9kg
  • Compliant with the standard competition weights of 6kg for women and 9kg for men
  • Individual weight plates ensure a variable training experience as well as the best possible weight distribution and fit
  • Excellent comfort thanks to padded interior and adjustable straps
  • Side loops allow for the use of even more weight or additional equipment
  • Velcro surfaces to customize your vest with cool patches

Ingot weight vest for intensive training with 4.5 kg, 6 kg or 9 kg total weight

The ergonomic weight vest from PicSil is equipped with 22 compartments for weights, distributed on both the front and back. This allows you to tailor your weight distribution for your individual training, perfect for cross fitness and functional fitness. The weight sets 3.5 kg, 5 kg or 8 kg achieve the typical workout weights of 6 kg for women and 9 with the 1 kg weight of the weight desert kg for men - or 4.5 kg as a starter weight.

The weight sets consist of 22 weight plates per set, so you can gradually increase the weight to prepare your body for the target weight.

Comfort and adaptability

The vest features a padded interior for added comfort and adjustable straps at the waist and shoulders that allow the vest to be adjusted to the wearer's size. The breathable materials allow for better air circulation, making training more comfortable.

Can be individually designed

The entire surface of the weighted vest has Velcro surfaces so you can attach your Patches and design your vest as you wish. You can also add as many weights to your weight vest as you need - or as the competition requires.

Tips for use

You can use the weight vest during cross fitness workouts, as well as running and strength training to increase the difficulty of your workout. By adjusting the weights, you can customize your training and continually increase it.

Care tips

The vest should not be machine washed. To clean, we recommend wiping with a damp cloth and allowing to air dry.

Product details

The vest is made of 100% nylon and weighs 1 kg. Please note that the weights and patches are not included. The vest is 100% vegan.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Sehr Bequem. Stern Abzug wegen dem Preis, aber lohnt sich.


Très bonne qualité, confortable !

Bonne qualité

Les scratch semble bien solides. La veste est confortable !


Ziemlich ergonomische Jacke. Erfordert ein wenig Geduld beim Anlegen des Gewichts :)