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Azor Grips (without holes)

CHF 44.90
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  • Soft, breathable palm for comfort and protection during functional fitness training and weight lifting
  • Patented, washable material (hand wash)
  • Designed and manufactured in Spain
  • Resistance certificates ISO9001, ISO14001
  • Hypoallergenic buckle
  • For women and men
  • Delivered in pairs

PicSil Azor – now also without holes

Some of the best athletes in the world rely on the popular Azor Grips from the Spanish Brand PicSil for their functional fitness training and weight lifting. Now they are also available without holes, but with the usual quality and the same high technical standard.

The grips are made of waterproof, breathable and washable material. In addition, the patented material is 100% vegan.

With only 1.8mm material thickness, the feeling when gripping is not lost.

Protect your hands

With the Azor Grips you protect your palms and fingers even during intensive training and provide the necessary grip on the bar.

The soft inside ensures a comfortable fit and the robust outside ensures a long-lasting grip. Your wrists are stabilized and relieved by the strap.

Thanks to the hole-free design, you can fold the grips super quickly and move on to the next exercise.

How to find the perfect size

Step 1:

If you are using your grips in the traditional way, then measure Length 1 according to the photo below.
However, if you are not using the holes in the grips, or are using the folding technique to approach the bar hang, then measure Length 2.
Instead, if you are not sure, then measure Length 1.

Richtige Grösse abmessen PicSil Gymnastics Grips
Step 2:

Now read your appropriate size here.
If you are exactly between two sizes, then choose the larger size.

Length 1:
  • Up to 8 cm: XS
  • 8cm - 9cm: S
  • 9 cm - 10.5 cm: M
  • 10.5 cm - 11.5 cm: L
  • From 11.5 cm: XL
Length 2:
  • Up to 8 cm: S
  • 8cm - 9cm: M
  • 9 cm - 10.5 cm: L
  • From 10.5 cm XL

Application tips


Once you're done with your WOD, simply let the grips dry. The best way to do this is to hang them on your backpack with a carabiner, so you never have to wash them.
If you want to wash your Azor Grips, then wash them by hand and not in the machine.

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