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Grindstone 3-Pack (pumice stone for calluses)

CHF 19.90
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  • Reduces calluses and blisters and accelerates the healing of cracked hands
  • More hygienic and more durable than natural pumice stone
  • Easy to use and suitable for all hand sizes
  • Improves grip and helps prevent injuries
  • Ideal for cross fitness, weight lifting, climbing and other sports that put a lot of strain on the hands
  • Effectively removes dead skin cells and hardening on the hands
  • Scope of delivery: 3x Grindstone (pumice stone)
  • Also available in the 3-phase kit (hand care set)

Calluses on your hands?

Hard training causes thick calluses - this can be uncomfortable and quite painful, and it doesn't look particularly great either. But this can be quickly remedied with this practical pumice stone! Even if you have some of the Quick Fix and Daily Dose hand balm left over from our 3-Phase Hand Care Kit, but need a new stone, then that is Grindstone 3 -Pack made for you.

The solution: RIPT Skin Grindstone

Calluses don't stand a chance with a grindstone in your hand care routine. Polish your hard-earned calluses to the perfect thickness to ensure protection and elasticity. You, your hands, and everyone you shake hands with are happy about this. Don't be fooled by razors, hand shavers, or devices that look like cheese graters. All of these devices cut too deeply and leave your calluses sensitive and uneven. With our pumice stone for calluses you can get your hands to the desired result quickly and gently - so the next training can come again without pain! Get 3 of our fine-grain synthetic pumice stones to last you a whole year, or share with friends or family.

Apply pumice stone

The best way to use your Grindstone. Here you have a few tips for use!

  • Use the Grindstone daily to smooth and shape calluses.
  • For best results, shower when your skin and the stone are wet.
  • Your goal is to reduce the calluses so that your hands remain flexible but still protected. Therefore, you should not completely remove your calluses.

Watch this short video with the best tips on using the RIPT Grindstone for the best results. Don't forget: it works best when it's wet!

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