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RX Grips (3-hole)

CHF 38.90
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  • 3-hole version (index, middle and ring finger) of the RX Grips, for maximum coverage of the palm of the hand
  • Also available as model Falcon Grips (with additional 0.08 cm coating on the inside)
  • Durable and affordable hand protection for functional fitness and weightlifting
  • Made in Spain
  • Resistance certificates ISO9001, ISO14001
  • Patented synthetic carbon fiber material (vegan)
  • Hypoallergenic buckle
  • For women and men
  • Delivered in pairs

Extremely durable and thinner than leather - the original RX Grips from PicSil

If you're looking for gymnastics grips that last a long time, then you've found them.
The durable carbon fiber material of the RX Grips offers maximum durability and resistance.
In the first few days the RX Grips can feel a little stiff, but after that the robust material offers you long-lasting hand protection like no other grips.
Athletes around the world rely on the PicSil Falcon and RX Grips for training and competition.

Durable hand protection and improved grip strength for functional fitness and weight lifting

The PicSil RX Grips protect your hands from skin tears and blisters during cross training and weight lifting.
The improved grip strength allows you to fully concentrate on the exercises and thereby optimize your performance.

How to find the perfect size

Step 1:

If you are using your grips in the traditional way, then measure Length 1 according to the photo below.
However, if you are not using the holes in the grips, or are using the folding technique to approach the bar hang, then measure Length 2.
Instead, if you are not sure, then measure Length 1.

Richtige Grösse abmessen PicSil Gymnastics Grips
Step 2:

Now read your appropriate size here.
If you are exactly between two sizes, then choose the larger size.

Length 1:
  • Up to 8 cm: XS
  • 8cm - 9cm: S
  • 9 cm - 10.5 cm: M
  • 10.5 cm - 11.5 cm: L
  • From 11.5 cm: XL
Length 2:
  • Up to 8 cm: S
  • 8cm - 9cm: M
  • 9 cm - 10.5 cm: L
  • From 10.5 cm XL

Grips with 2 or 3 holes - which one suits you?

3-hole grips cover the entire palm and therefore offer the greatest protection.
2-hole grips protect the middle of the palm and therefore protect the most important area of ​​the palm.
If you are looking for maximum protection, then choose 3-hole grips.
If it is important to you to have as little material as possible between you and the pole, then choose 2-hole grips.
If you are not sure, we recommend the 3-hole version for optimal protection during training.

Was ist besser - 2-Loch oder 3-Loch Gymnastics Grips?

Application tips


The best care tip is to let your grips dry completely after each training session, so you never have to wash them.

Never machine wash your grips. If you want to remove blood stains, wash them gently with a little water.

Unpleasant smells

Unpleasant smells usually never arise if you let your grips dry completely after each workout.
If it does happen, you can put your Grips in the freezer to get rid of the smell, or use the Odor Crusher Spray.


You can soften the edges of the holes in your grips by applying a very small amount of regular moisturizer or hand cream to the edges.
However, don't use too much so that the cream doesn't get on the main surface of the grips.

Customer Reviews

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Löcher zu klein

Löcher sind zu klein für die Finger, habe die Grösse XL gekauft habe normalerweise Handschuhgrösse 9


RX Grips (3-Loch)